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Living to Die, Dying to Live

By D. O. Grant

Reviewed by E.L.S.E.
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            I was thinking how to define into a single word the general impression created to me by the book entitled “Living to Die and Dying to Live” written by D. O. Grant., and the single possibility it is to use the word: “Sadness”.
            For somebody who wants to find out what it is happening in an African-American family, how are they integrated into the white man circles, this book it is very illustrative. But, we must declare from the beginning, we don`t believe that it is a pattern for all the families being in the same conditions.
            Of course the African – American youngsters are protesting against the domination of the white man, but who can tell how much from this protest it is directed against their own fellow kinds, who are their teachers, their parents, their bosses?
            Many times people use something which appears to be good for justify their bad behavior and their lack of values. Using the fight for civil rights to justify that you don`t want to work but to still, or using the liberty pretext (of course liberty it is not just a pretext!) to kill, dealing drugs or prostitution, isn`t make better your deeds.
Look what the mother of the main character, named Terry, said to him in this respect: “Terry, that is not the way you should be thinking at a stage like this in your life. If you keep containing those thoughts like the rest of our black people, you’re going to be making excuses just like them to not work for white folks.” P. 7
            These days, I think in all worlds wide, there is a changing of values, a search for these values, a redefining of them, for the human society pass in history. But, like priest professor doctor Dumitru Staniloae says in the book entitled “Jesus Christ or the Restoration of the Man”, history, the human society, are given to man for preparing him to receive the Revelation. So the constant search for himself must be a constant of the man.
            The book uses a phonetic translation of the slang used in conversation by the youngsters. First of all, the language forms the consciences. The consciences express through language. Than language study it is an important way to learn about a culture, to understand people. This book it is a perfect example for that. The slang for somebody unaccustomed for this type of talking it is a little tiresome.
            The action of the story steadily grows to disaster. From refusing to work and making contraband to kill people it is not so far away. 
            There is a conflict between the old fashion life, the family`s one, and the life of the young people, living in a kind of jungle.
The aggressiveness in all the young characters are doing, their violence, can`t be a solution. That isn`t a life, but just a visceral trying to escape sufferance by getting pleasure as much as possible, no matter how and who do you hurt.
The opposition to the white man world it is used all the time to justify the own wrongdoings. At the end, the destiny it is individual and our deeds define us. A wrong thing can`t be repaired by doing another wrong thing. I will not suffer less if I will make people suffer back. An injustice can`t be made right doing at you turn another injustice.
Why to read this book? To understand! Around us there are so many things about which we know nothing. Understanding makes us to forgive, to try to be better.
All in all, reading makes we better humans.

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