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Providence Path

By Justin Eikenberry

Reviewed by E.L.S.E.

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Starting even with the preface, the author expresses his concern about the fate. Is the providence that makes us to have a certain destiny or we can avoid to be only a toy in the hand of fate? Also in the preface are present all the questions to be answered further in the volume through the poems.
From the start we have to observe that the last poem has a dot after each verse. Each verse ends with a dot. We never met this form of punctuation, but, in the name of our principle that there doesn’t exists any general recipe to write poetry, to write in general, we give to the author all the credit to use the punctuation whatever he likes. Only the message counts! If in a book there is a single word which remains into the mind of somebody, the book reached its goal. And if that word, that message is positive, then the author is on the path to God.
Justin Eikenberry put in front of us some very honest questions about life, about love and hate, about sufferance and joy. The conclusion he expresses in the preface is that: “All of the experiences build up to create a soul unique in that no other has been on the exact path or hold the same destination. This uniqueness causes us to be ourselves.”(pg. 8)
To be very honest, we were searching for an easy book to review but, fate of not, we can’t escape of being followed by fundamental questions in our readings.
The versification is classic. Though written in 2008 the book contains poems with rhyme.
Mister’s Justin Eikenberry poetry isn’t complicated. It uses simple words to express the author’s feelings. The poetical expression isn’t pretentious in this case.
Almost everywhere mister Eikenberry show us his deep need for friendship. Many of the poems are about friendship.
I strongly recommend this book to whom feels the need for compassion and friendship!

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