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Three Lights in the Window

By Anne C. Sellmansberger  

Reviewed by E.L.S.E.
You can pick up a copy at the online bookstore:  http://dorrance.stores.yahoo.net/thliinwi.html  at the www.dorrancebookstore.com
This e-book was provided by Dorrance Book Review Team.
The book is published by Dorrance Publishing.

Maybe isn`t relevant but I noticed the interesting wordplay created, I think by who edited the present e-book: he or she added at the end of the author`s name the two letters from the last and the middle names, so the title of e-book file became sellmansbergerac, Bergerac being the famous French writer…
It is also interesting the introduction made in verses.
From the beginning the reader can observe the rhythm and the musicality of the verses. The author has a special form in which write poetry, grouping verses four by four in two tetrastichs on each page of the book, except the page 10.
When the author says to us: “My budget was broken; I kept up with the crowd.” (pg. 2) what else to be there if not generosity? But the nuance that the author gave to his material generosity, analyzing further his attitude, it is described in the following words:
“By sharing my dollars instead of my soul.
I paid for acceptance from friends where I live” (pg. 2)
The advice is to not look only at the material way to express our love, but to gift away our soul, through Jesus.
Entire book is a story in verses, sad but also full of hope, about the author herself.
How many children in this world are like the little girl described like this:
“Her mother was ill, her father unknown.
All that she wanted was a place to call home.
She asked if I knew of somewhere they could live,
Although she, herself, had nothing to give.” (pg. 3)
Sometime the author, with his feminine sensibility realizes images loaded by such a force and expressivity that impresses us:
“I knew at that moment, she’d given it all—
Her truth, her hope, right there in the mall.
Her whole life she shared in one simple request. (pg. 4)
The poem entitled “Guard Duty” is a cry against the insanity of war. Which leave behind people who:
“(…) stumble along the dusty, dark road
As if they were bearing their most cumbersome load.” (pg. 10)
The author comes again at her obsession about the futility of material aid and she is telling us:
“‘Your money won’t help me; it’s your prayers that I need.” (pg. 14)
 Also, there is present the tendency to moralize people who sin:
“My wealth is a cover for my whole lifelong scam.’” (pg. 15)
I was saying before that the book offer us hope. Here is an example:
“You can find it, you know, if you look for the truth.’” (pg. 16)
With the poem entitled “Conclusion” the author closes the circle of the book, returning to that Christmas Eve night with which the book starts.
One can say: “A book composed from five poems?!”. My answer is yes! Why not? Because these five poems mean an entire life, of somebody whose mind and soul are alert, searching for the simple truth.   

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