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God’s Mystery Revealed
by Rami Issa Sawaged

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“21`th century will be a religious one, or will not be at all” said a wise man. In all his history the human being searched for answers about the meaning of the life and about the destiny. One general answer to all the fears and hardships of life would be the religion. In the world it`s a general and more acute than ever thirst for religion, and perhaps due to this, more fundamentalist doctrines than ever.
That`s why I am considering Dorrance Publishing House`s initiative, to have such a good developed department for religious books, to be a well saw opportunity. Especially for those who are searching for realms of faith.
First of all let`s talk about the danger to speak about God. Because Jesus said: “A blind man, leading another blind man, will fall both into a pit.” And also he said: “Woe to you, Pharisees, you hid the keys of the Kingdom, neither you entering, nor other letting enter”.
It is so easy to get wrong speaking about God. Also, speaking about God without fulfilling his commandments was told about Him to be a wrong thing: “You, sinner, why do you take my words in your mouth?”.
There are many stairs to climb to be able to speak about God. Because I never passed even the first one, but I want with my feeble strengths to defend the right way of faith, I am using the words of ancient fathers which are written in Filocalia, the collection of writings, in twelve volumes, translated in Romanian language by PhD. Professor Dumitru Staniloaie, the greatest theologian of Romanian Orthodox Church. There was said that the stages of evolution towards God are the followings: the faith on God which born the fear of God, which born the respect and the work of the commandments, which`s daughters are the wisdom, restraining, patience and hope; which are giving birth to lack of passions, which give birth to love, which ends the first part of the path, the working one; it follows the natural Gnosis, the theology, the higher Gnosis, and finally the stage of clean pray which it`s also the sight of God.
In the book of Rami Issa Sawaged you`ll find also described visions and dreams, and the dreadful experiences that followed. About having visions or dreams, about their perils, the father Cleopa, a brilliant Romanian monarch, a force of nature in speaking and quoting by heart the holly scriptures, advices us to reject all visions or dreams. They are mostly of them deceiving us. If God want to transmit something to us, He will do that even we are opposing to it. Like the Bible says, the evil can transform himself into a angel of light only to deceiving us.
The sufferance described in the book may illustrate very well the danger which lurches to grab the fable ones and grab them “like a lion searching for someone to swallow”. The believer must not search for God alone, not being advised by a holly father. To be guided by an experienced father it is a mandatory condition for evolution. “All god things, with blessing it are to be done.”
It is a general concern that using words, expressing symbols, may be a foreign language for the common reader. The Romanian theologian Petre Tutea was saying: “Between the believer and the faithless it is an impassable abyss.”
We must not forget the importance of the holly mysteries for Christian Church. 
About the style of the writing, I have to say that the direct way in which the author addresses to readers is undeniable. The comparisons that he uses like a preferred figure of speech are in the same time simple to understand but also suggestive.
In conclusion, reading books which speak about religion it is a good way to work your way to find God, but isn`t enough. We all need a good confessor and a great will to fight our path towards God. Then He will help us in an unexpected and mysterious way.
The holly fathers describe the stages of knowledge like this: the rational knowledge, the imaginative knowledge, the intuitive knowledge and finally the conscious unaquittance.

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