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Revelation Love Is the Edification Concerning Spiritual Love in This Changing World

By Dr. Robert D. Smith, D.D.

Reviewed by E.L.S.E.
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What are looking for people most badly if not for love? Spiritual love! The book written by Dr. Robert D. Smith, D.D., published by Dorrance Publishing, reveals the meanings and the ways of love. In this changing world must be some certitude for everybody. But, regarding love, how to find it? How to recognize it? Who can help you and guide you about this? To these questions Dr. Smith`s these is trying to respond.
  To begin the review I am quoting PhD. Prof. Priest Dumitru Staniloae, who states the following: “About the truth of science I believed it exists, but about the truth of the faith I know it exists.” Another thing about which mister Staniloae insisted very much it is the communion, an aspect extended by him in analyzing the dreadful mystery of the Holly Trinity, being in an inseparable communion but remaining unmixed in three persons. But, like also he said: “some questions it is better not to ask”… One of the binding principles, maybe the most important, between the three persons of Holly Trinity is LOVE.
Mister Smith in his book tries to argue in favor of spiritual love, analyzing how love spring from God, describing the characteristics of love, giving us some advices how to obtain spiritual love, stating that “God is love”, how love indwell in God mercy, how we must be temperate, about how love is truth.
Here must be highlighted a nuance about spiritual love. In the upper stages of it`s development the one who loves is loving the general human nature in each person, beyond the individual. Clean spiritual love succeeds to see Jesus Christ in each person. Maybe is not meaningless to quote here that an ancient father made: “God`s Is all in everything, but Is nothing in something”.
Other important nuance that also Mister Smith insists, are moderation, temperance and balance needed to receive the truth: the truth, which means love. Jesus Christ said: “Where isn`t love, nothing is.”
I am concluding this review quoting Mister Smith, using his conclusion to the book: “Love is caring. Love is looking beyond any rainbow and seeing no color, but only love. Love is patient, kind, passionate, fair, given, never jealous, forgiving, trusting, understanding, truth, knowledge, wisdom, and holds no grudges. Love is communication, self-control, and overlooks faults. Love is like cement, for it bears all and shelters all.”
So, You Reader, if you are searching for spiritual love, you`ll find it in book entitled: “Revelation Love Is the Edification Concerning Spiritual Love in This Changing World” something to remain in your hearth to help you advancing towards God.
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