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Poems That Speak To The Spirit
Reviewed by E.L.S.E.
You can pick up a copy at the online bookstore:  
 http://dorrance.stores.yahoo.net/pothsptosp.html at the www.dorrancebookstore.com
This e-book was provided by Dorrance Book Review Team.
The book is published by Dorrance Publishing.

                The hardest writing is to write poems about God! This is because you must respect the dogmas and also keep a balance, between poetical feeling and the equilibrium demanded by the right faith. How to speak about God but not to imagine anything about Him? How to pray to God, even in verses, but not limit Him, who is the unlimited? Will you find all these in the book entitled “Poems That Speak to the Spirit”, written by Minister Cristina Walker and published by Dorrance Publishing author house?
First of all, reading the titles of the poems, we can see that the themes spring out from faith, from Gospel, being a declaration of love addressed to God. God Who is present in all aspect of the author life.
The poems are not long, but striking, built having a hypothesis, a development and also a conclusion under the shape of an advice.
Having rhyme the verses of the poems have a certain musicality, making them easy to read. Maybe aren`t so modern… These days postmodernism and post-textualism get rid of rhyme and of sentiment, and make the feeling appear only in the back of the words, in context; the post-textualists do not declare anything, do not advice at everything, but they only suggest a certain state that we can compare with the circulation of the lymph into the organism. But must we write in trend?
The answer is in our face: no, we mustn`t. True poetry has not rules. Theory can`t replace the feeling of the poet. Author Cristina Walker demonstrates this.
Reading this book provided by the Dorrance Book Review Team, the reader have a nice journey on the path of the faith and of the soul.
It is interesting how the author placed the words in the poem entitled “Walking on Water”, under the shape of an amphora:
“Who walked the waters on
a stormy day
Not just Jesus, but Peter I say
Peter walked and just stepped out
The waves came and twirled about
Oh, Peter why did you doubt
Jesus said, “Just look at me
For I can surely calm
the sea”
It was too late
doubt set in
Then Jesus said, “Come to Him.”
A special perfume gives to the poems the use of “thee” instead of “you”, thing that the author treats like a stylistic constant of her writing.
We hope that the following remark will not be considered a misogynic one, but in all the poems manifests a special feminine sensibility, an inclination to love and to be loved, a mix of vulnerability but also a great strength.
In the poem entitled “On the Throne” the author makes an interesting portrait of God, either clear and with force but also in simple words: 
“The one who is mighty in strength
Whose outstretched arm has a great length
The one whose mercies last forever
The one who created the weather
The shield… the rock …and salvation”
                Interesting is also the way in which the poet place quotes from the Bible at the ends of some poems. The message of the poem and it is strengthened by the message from the quote.
                 In the entire book there is only two sad poem entitled: “Parting” and “So Long”. All the rest have happy messages.
                My special choice is the poem entitled “Come Back”, which has a musicality apart, not being big in length but full of poetical substance:
“So long the stay
Not far away
Each lonely night
Is such a fight
How good the kiss
It’s you I miss.”
                            In conclusion, we warmly recommend this book, which offers such a nice reading experience. 
You can pick up a copy at the online bookstore:
 http://dorrance.stores.yahoo.net/pothsptosp.html at the www.dorrancebookstore.com   

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